VoCE June 2009

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VoCE June 2009

MODE et MODE June 2009
JPG | 334 pages | Japanese | 145 MB

Japanese: ヴォーチェ
field: apparel
style: casual
market: women, 20s, 30s
region: Japan
frequency: monthly

‘Beauty entertainment magazine’ for women

VoCE calls itself a “beauty entertainment magazine” and targets women who “have a firm grip on beauty.” To VoCE, beauty is pleasure, refinement, a way of living and fodder for gossip.

VoCE has a circulation of 200.000 and is published by Kodansha, a huge publisher which also publishes, among others, with, Grazia, FRaU, GLAMOROUS, ViVi, Style, Shukan Gendai, FRIDAY, COURRiER Japon and KING.

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