Avengers Annual #13

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Avengers Annual #13

Avengers Annual #13 | Published 1984
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"In Memory Yet Green!"

By Roger Stern, Steve Ditko and John Byrne.

When the Hulk disappears, the authorities take custody of the laboratory of his human alter ego, Bruce Banner, to analyze and manage his scientific discoveries. The Avengers supervise this procedure, thwarting attempts by the Fixer and Arnim Zola to steal Bannerís technology.

Avengers Assembled: Thor, Hank Pym (as retired former member and ally), Wasp, Captain America, Vision (as non-participant), Beast, Captain Marvel II, Mister Fantastic (non-member ally), She-Hulk (as Fantastic Four member).

Other Characters: Fixer II, Raymond Sikorsky, Arnim Zola.