Avengers Annual #22

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Avengers Annual #22

Avengers Annual #22 | Published 1993
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"Blood Wraith"

By Glenn Herdling, Mike Gustovich and Ariane Lenshoek.

An alliance of wizards seeks to steal the Black Knightís ebony blade, attacking Avengers Mansion and the Knightís own home, where the Knightís squire Sean Dolan draws the ebony blade in defense of Victoria Bentley and is transformed by the bladeís curse into the murderous Blood Wraith. The Wraith battles the Black Knight and the other Avengers before fleeing, taking the Knightís horse Valinor as his own.

Avengers Assembled: Hercules, Vision II, Black Knight III, Black Widow II, Sersi, Crystal.

Other Characters: Luna Maximoff, Mongu, Maha Yogi, Marilla, Lockjaw, Taylor Madison, Le Sabre, Chandu the Alchemist, Sean Dolan (AKA Blood Wraith), Victoria Bentley, Catherwood, Valinor.