On The Run Blackbooks Volume 3 -Seen Book (Graffiti magazine)

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

"On The Run Blackbooks Volume 3 -Seen Book", On The Run | PDF | ~34 Mb | 124 Pages

The ON THE RUN Blackbook is the result of a simple realization:
A magazine can never portait the writing movement on its whole. But it can portrait the style of one writer.
The makers of ON THE RUN felt the need to return to the market in 1998 when they realized that the global writing scene had grown far too big to be covered with the tradition graffiti-magazine concept. An overflow of colorfull stamp-sized flick-collections flooded everyones eyes and painfully extended the distance between the writers work and the readers attention.
What's the worth of a whole weekend multi-artists collabo production in majestic style or a nice burning panel if it comes in a mix with 500+ other flicks? It's keeps you up-to-date and in touch with "the latest", but are you able to really apprieciate the work that`s been done?!?
By intentionally leaving out all others writers work, and focussing on only one writer, ON THE RUN Blackbooks gives you at hand the material you need to judge the mere style of an writer. Not more and not less.