Communications Quarterly CD

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Communications Quarterly CD

Communications Quarterly CD-ROM
All issues 1990-1999 | CD published by the ARRL in 2002
Nero CD Image (.nrg) in 11x 50MB RAR, plus 1x 11MB PDF

From the publisher…
Communications Quarterly CD-ROM 1990-1999
– This CD-ROM collection covers volumes of Communications Quarterly published from 1990-1999. Gain access to advanced technical topics in articles which cover transmitter, receiver and transceiver projects, theory, antennas, troubleshooting and much more. High quality black-and-white page scans can be read on your computer screen or printed. Quickly search for articles by title and author, select specific year and issue, and browse individual articles and columns.

Note: A small number of articles are excluded in instances where permission was not obtained from the authors.

System Requirements: Requires Microsoft Windows.

The CD contains a simple viewer app with search capability. The magazine pages are a mix of TIFF and JPG files that one could make into a PDF of each issue.


PDF of Part-1 of excluded Fractal Antenna article


Note: Perhaps some kind person would scan and post the missing parts of the Fractal Antenna series, and any other excluded articles, though I think the fractal article is the only one excluded. Anyone know for certain?