Dungeons and Dragons Encyclopaedia. Arcane Chronomancy

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Dungeons and Dragons Encyclopaedia. Arcane Chronomancy

Dungeons and Dragons Encyclopaedia. Arcane Chronomancy
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A forgotten art, a mystery to even the most powerful archmage, chronomancy is a dark corner of magic, in which few dare to tread. Wizards and sorcerers understand chronomancy as the simple manipulation of time through arcane magic. These ignorant fools take the sacred name of chronomancy in vain, having no idea of the forces they could unleash with their meddling. Chronomancy is far more than the control of time; in a world so vast, with so few who really understand, there can be no one to warn fools from the path. Once you open the door on chronomancy and allow its power to flow into your soul, there can be no turning back.

You hold in your hands the only true tome of chronomancy so far written. Those skilled in the arcane arts can begin to muster the powers in this book, learning the spells and incantation herein but be warned, the true power of this tome comes only with an awakening so terrible that it pushes the mind beyond the limits of sanity. The tenuous illusion spun around you will be torn asunder and you will be left with nothing to protect you from the storm raging invisibly about all creation.

Chronomancy - An overview:
Awaken to the hidden truths behind the manipulation of time.

Acolytes of Time:
Those who delve into the secrets of the continuum are often shunned and feared, but for them, the reward is above any petty risk.

Chronomancy Magic:
New spells to harness the power of time.

The Paradox of Power:
The risks for those who meddle with time are great, a mistake can cost your life, or your very existence.

New Magic Items:
From the temporal chariot, to new crystal balls, a collection of new chronomantic items, and rules on creating them.

The Denizens of the Void-Between:
New creatures that live beyond the boundaries of time, or hunt those who meddle with it.

A Games Master's Guide to Chronomancy:
Games Masters are not forgotten either, and a whole chapter is presented to allow them to introduce chronomancy into their own campaigns.