El País, 8-7-2006

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El País, 8-7-2006

El País 8 de julio de 2006 con todos los Suplementos
Edición Completa + Babelia + El Viajero + English Edition + Edición Extra: Bilbao
PDF | Language: Español & English | 92+24+24+8+8 pages | 58 MB
Spanish daily newspaper with English version and all the daily supplements


rapidshare: http://rapidshare.de/files/25257096/ElPais060708.rar

I also wanted to upload it to oxyshare, but it sucks: the upload took twice as long as to rapid, and it got frozen at the end. I cannot afford to use my bandwidth for two more hours for a new trial, so I renounce. If anyone will upload it, welcome.