International PHP Magazine: April - 2006

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International PHP Magazine: April - 2006

In this issue:

- Add Sting to PHP Apps with WASP Patterns
User Account Creation and Login Patterns with AJAX using WASP (By Brian Fioca)

Any major web application requires some form of user registration and login capability, but why start from scratch each time? Brian Fioca uses this as the setting to introduce some user interface and MVC design patterns using WASP, with a touch of AJAX to boot. What more could a PHP 5 developer want? The cover story will demonstrate the power and simplicity of developing PHP applications using the WASP Framework through the illustration of a simple user module design pattern.

- WSDLs and PHP Web Service Clients and Servers
Doing Contract-First Web Service Development in PHP (By Nathan A Good)

Have you ever been asked to connect to a web service and given a Web Service Description Language (WSDL) as a reference? Or maybe you’ve been given a WSDL and asked to build a web service in PHP that meets the specifications in the WSDL. Did you know that there are methods built-in to PHP 5 that allow you to quickly connect to a web service given the WSDL? This article will introduce the WSDL file format and two methods of using WSDLs to build both web service clients and web service servers in PHP. Both methods allow you to create a web service or web service client with amazingly little effort.

- PHP – Bridging the Gap
PHP Gateway to the COM and .NET Worlds (By Joe Stagner)

Most PHP developers do their daily work on a Microsoft Windows workstation. Windows is the predominant Operating System in the enterprise and is experiencing significant growth in web hosting circles. As such, more and more PHP developers find themselves building applications whose target is the Microsoft Windows Platform. PHP developers are well known for their pragmatic problem solving philosophy. This article endeavours to create an impact for the PHP developer working on the Microsoft Windows Platform.

- PHP From the Shop Floor
Destroying the Internet, One Site at a Time (By Elizabeth Naramore)

Ever wanted to see a site gobbled up, flooded, subject to a Mars attack, or even crushed by a big dinosaur? Denis Rionnet’s brainchild is a wonderful example of taking PHP to a fun, unique, and completely useless level. Demented? Yes. Technically and graphically complex? Absolutely. This issue of 'PHP From the Shop Floor' will show you creative ways at managing your frustrations, allowing you to throw virtual tomatoes, cream pies, or even the hand of God at any URL on the Internet.

- Running On Time
MySQL 5.1 Adds an Event Handler (By Jon Stephens)

Ever wish you could have MySQL run some operations for you at 6PM, even when you need to leave the office by 5? Now you can – no cron jobs required. While there's still a few things to be ironed out in the implementation – MySQL 5.1.6 being alpha software and all – the addition of the Event Scheduler to MySQL will simplify your automation tasks immeasurably. Join Jon Stephens as he expounds on one of the simplest and coolest new feature to hit MySQL in a while.

- The PayPal “Buy Now” Hack
Add a “Buy Now” button to your PHP Web Application (By Peter Lavin)

PayPal’s “Buy Now” buttons are ideal for e-commerce impulse sales. They are easy for the customer to use and there’s no lengthy checkout procedure. One click and you’re on PayPal’s secured site. This hack shows how to track and secure purchases made using “Buy Now” buttons.

- Book Review: From the Prentice Hall Stable
Spring Into PHP 5 (By Mitchell Pirtle)

There is a real glut of PHP 5 books on the market, and this one promises to be different by getting you up to speed as quickly and productively as possible. As this is no small task, I sprung myself into this book with expectations.

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