Grant Morisson, «Kill your Boyfriend»

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Wicked (adj) - 1.a. morally bad. 2. causing injury or harm.
3. mischevious or roguish. esp. in a playful way 4. troublesome, unpleasant, or offensive.
Why then are wicked pleasures the most satisfying?

Grant Morisson, «Kill your Boyfriend»

Grant Morisson, «Kill your Boyfriend»
Publisher Vertigo | ISBN 156389453X | 1998 Year | CBR | 28,46 Mb | 55 Pages
A dark tale of merriment and carnage by the well-known writer of “Arkham Asylum” and similar insane goodies – Grant Morrison

Amoral, anarchic, irresponsible, animal and extreme is one way of describing this book; another would just be a real hoot of a read. Defnitely not for the easily offended, "Kill Your Boyfriend" is a tale of extreme fantasy. Of a girl and a boy on an excursion of personal bonding , hedonism, social withdrawal and a big fingers up at cushy, complacent society.

You can't deny the inherent charm of this picnic of mayhem on a bloody fine day in coastal England. Plus this comes with a make-it-yourself ouija board too!

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Your girlfriend will love this too. Offer her a read - the cathartic release might just put her off buying that gun. For now. ;)

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