«Girls». Story and Art by Joshua Luna and Jonathan Luna

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«Girls». Story and Art by Joshua Luna and Jonathan Luna

Story and Art by Joshua Luna and Jonathan Luna
Entire Running Series | 2005 -2006 Year | CBR | 19 x 15 Mb
Can't live With 'Em. Can't Live Without 'Em… A simple erotica of a guy, a girl, a little town

Ok I lied. The talented team of the Joshua Luna and Jonathan Luna brings you one of the best running thrillers of the year for guys and girls. A creepy drama of horror, shock and gender that has you turning each page captivated, each other page guessing and each third page a non-pulsed terrified witness helplessly reading on. Did you just notice something amiss, something missing ? That was your last two heart beats.

«Girls». Story and Art by Joshua Luna and Jonathan Luna

I'm rewriting this whole review for the n'th time. You know why ? It's real difficult to do a review justice without revealing the plot, but with Girls the sheer unpredictablity of the plot at every turn is where its at. Thats why I'll be briefer than usual. But trust me - this is good. On all levels. For guys and girls.

Girls works for all the reasons classics like Spielberg's Jaws and early Stephen King novels had you wincing in apprehension but ruthlessly compelled to continue. A story that folds out naturally, settling you in comfortably with a nice pat on the butt, getting you accquanted around, laughing and nodding along - sure you understand Ethans beef with girls, haven't you been there, haven't we all been there …

Then the gears shift with a screeching u-turn to hell with your thoughts struggling to keep pace with the story, trying to figure out the bigger picture among all the carnage and craziness. You think you just figured it all out when a wallop of a cliffhanger slams you right in the face, driving all those neat conclusions right out like panic stricken bats from a cave.

Unlike your usual thriller, Girls doesnt involve a lone hero bearing it all out alone against all odds. All the inhabitants of the postcard town of Pennystown matter on this excursion of the bizzare. Each issue opens with a map of the town revealing its relevance. This is where part of the magic lies.

The Luna brothers do an awesome job of breathing life into the inhabitants of Pennystown, a skill mastered only by Stephen King so far. You know these people - their thoughts, their language, their weaknesses, their attitudes, their reactions. Like a good soap, this makes the story just more compelling. This empathy at a deeper level is another reason that drives the creepiness right in - that sinks that unrelenting coffin nail right into your bone.

Jonathan Luna's artwork is good but simple at first glance. Deceptively simple. The book is loaded with subtle visual cues which figure out later on. The stark constrast of the plain linework with the macabre events just serves to trip you up, shocking the sense all that much more.

And the plot - I shouldnt tell more. Suffice to say, like Romero's Zombie series, the plot works on two levels. The second level here being a deeper concept interweaved throughout. I wont reveal my thoughts on that but maybe you'll come up with your own or join the tug of war on the Letters page. With the story concluding in the 24th issue, we all dont have long to wait.

C'mon - get this before Hollywood ruins it with a movie version :)

Download the first three issues from :


The rest of the issues including the latest 19th issue are availble in the rapidshare folder below. I plan to keep this folder updated with the latest release as and when they appear. I felt downloading individual issues would make the reading more fun, allwoing for events to sink in and catching up on the next act rather than plowing through it at one go.

That and uploading realities. But if you find it uncomfortable, bulk mirrors are welcome (Except for the first three issues).


Of course, being the RS points whore that I am, I'd prefer you selecting all my downloads instead :)