Horror - The Nail

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Horror - The Nail
This is what happened to one lady who read this

«The Nail»
Written by Rob Zombie Art by Nat Jones

ISBN 1-84023-0089-3 | 2004 Year | CBR | 13.45 Mb | 96 Pages

Rob Zombie is a big fan of cult horror of the 60's and late 70's as seen in his movies and music. Camp cult teenage cinema with predictable plots. Movies where you know whats going to happen. But sometimes it doesnt. You wait. You realise; it was the directors trick. You wait. Then, S L A M - ripped in half, like a torn paper sheet, with a gleeful chainsaw and a maniacally happy bloke coming to share some more with you !

In the same vein, Nail's plot is simple and as predictable as that cinema you took your high school crush to. Where The Nail works is in its tongue in cheek corniness (Just check out those sideburns!), uneasy dark atmosphere and uncomprimising delivery of the goods. Rob Zombie takes a shot at several cliched horror themes while Nat Jones provides an isoloated arena lit only by motorbike lamp lights, the growl of menacing cruisebikes, hushed by the mute stark trees. And a bloodbath of flesh and torn heads.

Sure, you know the hero's friend should not step out into the forest, the girl should not turn her back, it is not all over. But when they do, its delivered in such raw curdling intensity that it strikes home. Leaving you with an uneasy laugh to cover your scare and a distant sense of satisfaction.

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