PC Advisor Archive of 38 Issues [UK]. ISO Image:Pdf Format

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PC Advisor Archive of 38 Issues [UK]. ISO Image. PDF Format.

Every Magazine Issued from 2002, 2003 and 2004.
This runs from the CD as PDF and all files are automatically linked together so that you can select any issue ro article and navigate between them with ease.

This is invaluable as a PC help resource!

There are great articles on upgrades, building your first PC and networking to name just a tio of the iceberg of the content!
I ripped this direct from the CD into ISO format.
Just burn with nero or some other program and put the CD in the tray to auto launch the Index.
As far as I know you could use thi swith a MAc too as it is PDF. However why would a MAC user want a magazine called PC Advisor?
Not sure if the autorun and navigation would work on a Mac as I know nothing of Macs.

Size: 511Mb (10x48Mb & 1x34Mb)

Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

I get so tired of reading complaints about the -great- rapidshare site so I tried another host and it messed up too often.
These are big files and my up-speed is slow & limited so I went to rapidshare in the end! If you cannot access it then please do not complain. Just ask POLITELY(!) for someone here to re upload for you elsewhere. I cannot do it as my up-speed is not fast and it took a long time to upload it one time..
Too many people are insulting others because they have chosen rapidhare or megaupload but If you browse through some other posts, you will notice that when people request a mirror politely then people usually respond and give them a mirror.
Just my observation.