Playboy / October 2005 / May 2006

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Playboy / October 2005 / May 2006

Playboy / October 2005 / May 2006

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October 2005
Cover: Girls of the Pac 10
Playmate: Amanda Paige
Interview: George Carlin
20 Questions: Ozzy Osbourne
Pictorials: Spellbinder (Wiccan wonder Fiona Horne conjures the true magic of witchcraft as she communes with nature in her birthday suit); Playmate: Amanda Paige (This University of Virginia sociology major earns extra credit for keeping the library stacked); Girls of the Pac 10 (We asked the most comely students to leave their books, clothes and inhibitions back at the dorm).
Features: Earnest Goes to College (with lawsuits pressuring schools to crack down on irrational exuberance, we look at who pulled the plug on the party); For Love of the Game (the best of the new fall video games); NASCAR Crash Course (the author of "The Godfather Returns" observes varieties of NASCAR fanatics); College Sex 101 (in our unscientific survey, 101 flesh-and-blood coeds come clean about bedroom tricks, cheating and fantasies).

Plus: Miss October 2005 - Amanda Paige`s High Quality Photo