Devnull Classic Comics: <b>Terry and the Pirates</b>

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Devnull Classic Comics: <b>Terry and the Pirates</b>

Devnull Classic Comics: Terry and the Pirates
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Terry and the Pirates was an action-adventure comic strip created by cartoonist Milton Caniff. The adventure begins with young Terry Lee, "a wide-awake American boy," arriving in contemporary China with his friend, two-fisted ‘journalist’ Pat Ryan. Seeking a lost gold mine they meet George Webster "Connie" Confucius, interpreter and local guide. Initially, crudely drawn backgrounds and stereotypical characters surrounded Terry as he and his growing list of friends adventured through China, matching wits with pirates and various other villains, especially famed femme fatale The Dragon Lady. However due to a successful collaboration with cartoonist Noel Sickles Caniff dramatically improved to produce some of the most memorable strips in the history of the medium. This is the beginning of the story as Terry and Pat arrive in China, in daily strips from October 1934 to January 1935.

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