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X-Ray Magazine, the definitive source for all things Quark, provides best-work flow practices, case studies, and new feature information about QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing System (QPS), Quark Dynamic Document Server (QuarkDDS), Quark Content Manager (QCM), and the customers and markets that Quark serves._Each issue contains articles and columns from leading practitioners in the fields of scripting, design, production, workflow, and enterprise publishing.
X-Ray Magazine is the one-stop source for information about XTensions, new product reviews, tips and tricks, and product shortcuts and secrets that can be used immediately to solve real-world problems

in a workflow

X-Ray Magazines [free]
just some preview issues...

volume 3 number 4 preview
volume 3 number 3 preview
volume 3 number 2 preview
volume 3 number 1 preview

the backissues are full but... lowres

volume 2 issue 5
volume 2 issue 4
volume 2 issue 3
volume 2 issue 2
volume 2 issue 1
volume 1 issue 6
volume 1 issue 5
volume 1 issue 4
volume 1 issue 3
volume 1 issue 2
volume 1 issue 1

And one for the other side.... InDesign

InDesign Magazine is the first bimonthly PDF periodical devoted entirely to Adobe InDesign and to the growing community of InDesign professionals. InDesign Magazine brings you the in-depth features, reviews, and tutorials you need to master Adobe InDesign.

InDesign Magazine [free]
July/August 2004

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