Keeley Hazell - FHM Magazine May 2007

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Keeley Hazell - FHM Magazine May 2007
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Born and raised in the suburbs of London, Keeley Hazell quit school at 16 to become a hairdresser, though she later picked up courses in fashion, drama and psychology. Keeley’s real ambition was to become a Page 3 girl. Once Keeley reached the age of majority and became a voluptuous young woman, she was on her way.

Keeley, thanks to her beauty and sex appeal, has had enormous success in Britain as a model. In a few short years, she’s become a mainstay in The Sun, Maxim, Zoo, FHM, and Loaded, and she’s topped reader polls as a favorite pinup. While that fame isn’t matched on this side of the Atlantic, bloggers and other online babe watchers have been spreading the word on Keeley’s behalf.