Sabrina for V3

Posted By: Alexpal
Sabrina for V3

Sabrina for V3 | 24 Mb

In this pack you will find: a gorgeous high quality photo-real textured V3 character we named Sabrina, and there are a brassiere, top, panty and stockings as "second skins"! All these second skins make this pack more useful and attractive. You can use them without living any conforming problem.

We made a special Mytilus' PIN UP MORPH for this character. You can get your character more glamorous like a fashion model and you can give the impression which your character needs by using this morph.

The sexy Sabrina character comes with five make-up choices with three lip shine options, five extra different nail colors with nail shine on/off options, five eye colors, and three extra skin tones to give you a wide variety of creative choices and realism in your artwork or animations.

Diana's natural sensuous skin, gorgeous face and voluptuous body morphs will intoxicate you and light up any render!