Stone Type Foundry Collection

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Stone Type Foundry Collection

A collection of Sumner Stones classic fonts
22,5MB | T1, TTF & OT formats

The Stone Type Foundry in Guinda (ex-Rumsey and ex-Palo Alto), CA, is Sumner Stone's outfit, which he founded in 1990. Born in Venice, Florida in 1945, Sumner Stone is a major designer, and creator of the Stone family. Type director at Autologic (1979) and Adobe (1985-1989 (or 1991?)). His typefaces: Arepo (1995, a modern text family; see his related SFPL family developed for the San Francisco Public Library in 1999 and 2003, Basalt (which won an award at Bukvaraz 2001 and was first used for signage at the Cecil H. Green Library of Stanford University), Silica (1993, slab serif family), Stone (1987, ITC), Stone Print (1991), Stone Phonetic (with John Renner, 1992), Stone Informal, ITC Bodoni Six (1994), ITC Bodoni Twelve, ITC Bodoni 72 (1994-1995), ITC Bodoni Ornaments (1994), Bodoni Display Figures, ITC Stone Sans, ITC Stone Serif, SFPL (part of a new identity of the San Francisco Public Library), Leaves&Straw (a nice leaves and straw dingbat font), and Cycles (2004, which comes in 6 optical scales: 7, 9, 11, 18, 24 and 36pt, each in numerous weights and figure styles). Magma (2004) and Magma Halo (2004) are extensive informal humanist sans text families that could be used as Greek simulation faces. Halo uses an interesting process to the base characters of a font. Munc (2005) is the uncial version of Magma. It has some Basque influences. Stone Humanist Sans appeared in 2005. Scripps College commissioned his revival of Scripps College Old Style (1997, now at Agfa-Monotype), originally designed by Frederic Goudy.
Sumner Stone is also the author of many articles on typography and type design amd he has also taught calligraphy, type design, and typography at various institutions.

This collection includes
Stone Print

ITC Bodoni
ITC Stone

+ Bonus Font Arepo MT
+ Bonus Font Scripps College Old Style

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