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Machine Learning for Beginners [Audiobook]

Posted By: IrGens
Machine Learning for Beginners [Audiobook]

Machine Learning for Beginners: The Beginners Guide to Understand Artificial Intelligence Business Applications and Machine Learning for Business. Includes Deep Learning and Data Science for Business [Audiobook] by Oliver Tensor
English | October 25, 2019 | ASIN: B07ZKZ8G41 | M4A@128 kbps | 3h 15m | 177 MB
Narrator: Michael Fryar

If you have ever wondered what drives the many tools we use every day, then keep reading.

The fourth industrial revolution is led by artificial intelligence technology and setting the humankind for a global social transformation. The powerful applications of AI have already transformed our daily lives. Tools such as virtual personal and home assistants (like Siri in Apple Pods and Alexa in Amazon Echo) have become everyday usage products. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are closely related. They have become an important part of scientific study. Not only does it involve the study of statistical models and algorithms, but also the systems used for task performance.

Our aim with this audiobook is to provide you a 360 degree view of the fundamentals and importance of machine learning technology for the beginners' level.

You Will Learn:

The fundamentals and concepts of artificial intelligence in 2020
The technology behind AI, and its rapid growth and evolution
The advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence
How AI helps business
The importance of deep learning today
How the fields of data science and its many applications helps your business
Computer science and its applications in real world
Basic terminology used in artificial intelligence

As we cover the basics of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you will be glad to know that it can be understood and processed on the beginners' level. Even though it may seem to have some big words.

Would you like to know more?

Download now to know how machine learning is changing our world.