Weather for Dummies (2nd Edition) [Audiobook]

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Weather for Dummies (2nd Edition) [Audiobook]

Weather for Dummies (2nd Edition) [Audiobook]
English | November 30, 2021 | ASIN: B09M54HSTP | MP3@64 kbps | 14h 41m | 368.16 MB
Author: John D. Cox
Narrator: Jonathan Yen

Look up! When you look to the sky, do you wonder why the sun is so bright or why the clouds are white or why the sky is blue? Then Weather for Dummies is your resource to fuel your curiosity about the weather. It takes you on an exciting journey through the Earth's atmosphere and the ways it behaves. You'll get an overview of rain, sun, clouds, storms, and other phenomena.

The scientific words and phrases are explained in detail (what is barometric pressure?), your curious questions are answered (why do we have seasons?), and the roots of weather myths, proverbs, and sayings are revealed ("early thunder, early spring").

Discover how weather forecasts are made and what constitutes a weather emergency
Find out what causes change in weather, such as how air pressure drives winds
Learn how climate change is affecting today's weather
Discover how light plays tricks on our eyes to create effects like rainbows, sun dogs, and halos

Perfect for any weather amateur, you can have your head in the clouds while your feet are on the ground. Next time you're outside, take Weather for Dummies and discover something new about the environment you live in.