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The Uptown Local: Joy, Death, and Joan Didion: A Memoir [Audiobook]

Posted By: joygourda
The Uptown Local: Joy, Death, and Joan Didion: A Memoir [Audiobook]

The Uptown Local: Joy, Death, and Joan Didion: A Memoir [Audiobook]
English | ASIN: B0CKNFQQ8V | 2024 | 6 hours and 00 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 332 MB
Author: Cory Leadbeater
Narrator: Charlie Thurston

A brilliant debut memoir about a young writer—struggling with depression, family issues, and addiction—and his life-changing decade working for Joan Didion. As an aspiring novelist in his early twenties, Cory Leadbeater was presented with an opportunity to work for a well-known writer whose identity was kept confidential. Since the tumultuous days of childhood, Cory had sought refuge from the rougher parts of life in the pages of books. Suddenly, he found himself the personal assistant to a titan of literature: Joan Didion. In the nine years that followed, Cory shared Joan’s rarefied world, transformed not only by her blazing intellect but by her generous friendship and mentorship.

Together they recited poetry in the mornings, dined with Supreme Court justices, attended art openings, smoked a single cigarette before bed. But secretly, Cory was spiraling. He reeled from the death of a close friend. He spent his weekends at a federal prison, visiting his father as he served time for fraud. He struggled day after day to write the novel that would validate him as a real writer. And meanwhile, the forces of addiction and depression loomed large. In hypnotic prose that pulses with life and longing, The Uptown Local explores the fault lines of class, family, loss, and creativity. It is a love letter to a cultural icon—and a moving testament to the relationships that sustain us in the eternal pursuit of a life worth living.