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«Carrie at Club Eros» by Abigail Andrews

Posted By: Gelsomino
«Carrie at Club Eros» by Abigail Andrews

«Carrie at Club Eros» by Abigail Andrews
English | MP3@192 kbps | 57 min | 79.0 MB

This is highly descriptive adult content. Stay away if you are under 18 or will be offended by this material.
Carrie keeps a diary, a very personal diary. A diary of her erotic experiences. She said that one day she would make her diary into a book but it's so hot that it might self-ignite! This is the latest entries . . .
Then he came to the point. “Look Carrie. I really enjoyed last week. You were just perfect. I belong to a Club that you might be interested in joining. Or at least come along as my guest. The other guys don’t know about this and that’s the way I like it. We all have secrets”
“I don’t know” I replied “Tell me some more. Why would I be interested? And why do you want to take me? You must know
dozens of girls who’d enjoy a night out with you.”
“Well!” Tim started and hesitated. “It’s an upmarket erotic club. You know. Sex with other couples who like something a bit more scintillating. I’d like to take you as my partner. I’ve taken other girls but they’ve been hopeless. Either not able to talk to other people or perhaps too embarrassed. I like you. You are polite and you talked to us at dinner. Remember? You were just nice. And you are really sexy. Actually I really like you.” I looked at him. I liked the idea but did he think I was on the game! Did he think I just had sex for money. Sometimes I did but it had to be my choice, at the right price.
You should listen to the rest for a hot and steamy mind experience.