«From Zero To Hero» by Jeff Walkner

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«From Zero To Hero» by Jeff Walkner

«From Zero To Hero» by Jeff Walkner
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From Zero To Hero.

Does that decribe your successful entrepeneurial journey?

Or are you just dreaming of online business success?

And not taking any action?

Are you still at Zero, dreaming of becoming a hero?

Well, the sad truth is, that unless you take action,

you'll remain a zero.

But if you're ready and willing to take action

to take your business and your life

to the highest possible level -

you're in the right place.

Because in this ground breaking book,

Internet Marketing Legend Jeff Walkner

will show you, step by step, click by click,

how to go from a marketing zero

to a marketing hero.

In his previous books,

Sales Funnel Success,

Email Marketing Secrets,

Passive Email Income,

Passive App Income,

Product Launch Success,

and Product Launch Framework,

Jeff opened his personal rolodex

to give you an unfair advantage at online success.

Now in this comprehensive book

Jeff shares his knowledge, experience

and insider secrets that will propel you,

and your business, From Zero to Hero.