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«TikTok Marketing» by Cyan Conner

Posted By: Gelsomino
«TikTok Marketing» by Cyan Conner

«TikTok Marketing» by Cyan Conner
English | MP3@192 kbps | 17 min | 23.8 MB

TikTok Marketing: The Essential Guide on Effective TikTok Marketing Techniques, Learn How to Earn Money Through the Tiktok Platform
A company in Beijing, China called ByteDance developed the Douyin app in only 200 days. They launched the app for the Chinese market initially and the company launched TikTok (which is the same) for the international market in 2017.
A lot of people have never heard of TikTok. Marketers that spend advertising money on social media platforms do not know anything about it or the potential that it provides. TikTok is all about short videos. Users upload videos of around 15 seconds. With the previous app Mucical.ly, the users tended to upload videos of themselves lip-syncing to popular music videos.
In this audiobook, you will learn effective TikTok marketing strategies and techniques. Learn how to earn money through the TikTok Platform.
Here are some of the topics you will learn in this audiobook:
What Is TikTok and Why Should You CareGetting Started With TikTokCreating Content For TikTokTikTok HashtagsMarketing Strategies For TikTokTikTok AdsTikTok Use Cases To InspireTikTok AnalyticsTikTok Best PracticesTikTok users are looking for fun and entertaining content. Brands and organizations that have used the platform successfully for marketing know this and have posted creative videos that get the users involved in their brand in a fun way. We hope that you found TikTok Marketing to be informative and useful. Get started today, download TikTok Marketing.