Silent Ridge: Detective Megan Carpenter, Book 3 [Audiobook]

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Silent Ridge: Detective Megan Carpenter, Book 3 [Audiobook]

Silent Ridge: Detective Megan Carpenter, Book 3 [Audiobook]
English | December 04, 2020 | ASIN: B08PG51NTT | M4B@62 kbps | 7h 44m | 203.21 MB
Author: Gregg Olsen
Narrator: Karen Peakes

One bath wall is a mural of a brilliant-yellow sunflower. The theme carries over to the shower curtains, but the yellow vinyl is spattered with red blotches. Propped against the mirror is a South Kitsap High School photo of a teenaged girl.

Detective Megan Carpenter is no stranger to horrifying crime scenes, but when she arrives at the home of a woman whose body has been brutalized, Megan is shocked to discover that she knows the victim. Monique Delmont helped Megan when she was in danger years ago. And the killer has left a disturbing calling card…two laminated photographs of a 16-year-old high school girl - Megan.

Someone is taunting her in the worst way possible, and Megan is convinced she knows who is responsible. She just has to find him.

With the help of her new partner, Deputy Ronnie Marsh, Megan begins to unravel the clues that will lead them to the killer including links to three female murder cases from nearly 20 years ago - one of which was Monique’s daughter.

But to protect those closest to her, Megan must continue to hide the dark truth of her past, even if that means lying to her team about her connection to Monique.

When two photographs of a teenage Megan are found at her boyfriend’s place in Snow Creek, she knows the killer is circling and ready to strike again.

Can she get to him before he finds her? And will she pay the ultimate price for trying to keep her terrifying past buried?

An addictive edge-of-your-seat crime thriller from the number one New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Charts best-selling author.