Graphic Novel - Angel Densetsu (v2)

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Graphic Novel - Angel Densetsu (v2)
English | CBR | Shonen/Action/Comedy/Fantasy | 38.5 MB


I was rotflmao the whole time i was reading this, i cared about the characters so much i read all 15 volumes in 2 days O.O, which makes it an absolute must read.Kitano Seichiro is a boy with a face of a demon, but has heart of an angel. The story begins with him attending a new school, where nobody knows him but because of his appearance, teachers and fellow classmen think he is the worst delinquent, "violence incarnate". They try to correct him, expel him or beat him up. Lots of accidents doesn't help to fix the situation either. He gains the title of the strongest at his school (guardian) the first day he arrives by taking care of the previous one due to some freak accident with a tree stump LOL. But because of his ultra-goodie attitude, some of the strongest that attack him become his best friends…All the misunderstandings make the story unbelievably funny.

Rating: Masterpiece!



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