Sir Apropos of Nothing (Complete)

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Sir Apropos of Nothing (Complete)

Sir Apropos of Nothing (Complete)
2009 | Collection | Eng | CBR | 112 Mb

A young squire with a strange name at random, to the same and even cripple from birth, fate seemed to be to withdraw the supernumerary role, figures higher than third on the background of the great battle of the glorious exploits of knights in the service of a good king Runsibela Isteriyskogo.

But somehow it always turns out to be the epicenter of menacing and dangerous events, of which invariably comes out a winner. Perhaps it really true prediction of our late mother's unpredictable character, and he did the very elect, with the advent to the throne whose Isteriyskom kingdom come the Golden Age?

Year: 2008-2009
Author: Peter David, Robin Riggs
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: IDW publishing
Format: CBZ
Language: English




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