Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1-10 Complete

Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1-10 Complete

Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1-10 Complete
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was the debut color-comics limited series of the fictional superhero vampire hunter in the Marvel Comics Universe that ran from July 1994 to April 1995, written by Ian Edginton (last two issues by Terry Kavanagh) and penciled by Doug Wheatley. The title character Blade was created by writer Marv Wolfman and penciller Gene Colan, and first appeared in the comic book The (July 1973) as a supporting character.


Blade VH 01 –-
Blade VH 02 –-
Blade VH 03 –-
Blade VH 04 –-
Blade VH 05 –-
Blade VH 06 –-
Blade VH 07 –-
Blade VH 08 –-
Blade VH 09 –-
Blade VH 10 –-


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