Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius #1-14 (Ongoing)

Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius #1-14 (Ongoing)

Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius #1-14 (Ongoing)
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is an out-of-Marvel-Universe-continuity humor series of comic book specials starring Franklin Benjamin Storm Richards, the mutant Omega-level son of Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards and the Invisible Woman Susan Storm, of the superhero team Fantastic Four.
Franklin is portrayed as a Calvin-esque troublemaker who can't resist "playing" with his father's inventions, with disastrous results. Franklin must then scramble to reverse the effects/clean up after the results of his "play", with the help of his long-suffering robot nanny H.E.R.B.I.E. (who essentially plays a Hobbes-esque role), or face punishment from his parents. The first twelve Son of a Genius one-shots were been drawn by Chris Eliopoulos and co-written by Eliopoulos and Marc Sumerak. Since then, Eliopoulos has written them solo. The series was nominated in 2006 for the Eisner Awards in the "Best Publication for a Younger Audience" category. In 2008 Chris Eliopoulos was nominated for the "Special Award for Humor" Harvey Award for his work on Franklin Richards. began as a series of back-up strips, each one appearing in all Marvel books released in a certain publishing week. The strips were well-received by Marvel readership and the concept was granted a self-titled one-shot, which primarily reprinted the published strips to date. Subsequent books in the series have consisted of new material, and they are currently being published on a roughly quarterly basis. There have been fourteen specials published so far: 1. Fantastic Four Presents Franklin Richards () 2. Everybody Loves Franklin () 3. Super Summer Spectacular () 4. Happy Franksgiving () 5. March Madness () 6. World Be Warned () 7. Monster Mash () 8. Fall Football Fiasco () 9. Spring Break () 10. Not-So-Secret Invasion () 11. Summer Smackdown () 12. Sons of Geniuses () 13. It's Dark Reigning Cats and Dogs () 14. April Fools () --


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