Unthinkable #1 Of 5 (Ongoing)

Unthinkable #1 Of 5 (Ongoing)

Unthinkable #1 Of 5 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & MU | CBR | BOOM! Studios | 25 Pages | 15.7 MB

is five-issue creator-owned mini-series published by BOOM! Studios that debuts this May, 2009. It is written by acclaimed DC writer Mark Sable, best known for his and , with internal art by 's rising-star artist Julian Totino Tedesco.
Unthinkable follows Alan Ripley, a best-selling author who joins a think tank commissioned after 9-11 to think the unthinkable and protect America from possible nightmare terrorist scenarios. But years later, when the think tank's imaginary terror plots become frighteningly real, can he stop the UNTHINKABLE from coming to pass? --


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