3D Blocks 2006

3D Blocks 2006

3D Blocks 2006 (PC) | 2.5 Mb. | Ftp2Share (Multi-Mirrors).
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3D Blocks 2006 is a funny game, which added a whole new dimension of gameplay to classic Tetris.

The game became more funny and more challenge. Whether you are searching for a few quiet minutes of play or for a challenging hectic game, 3D Blocks 2006 is the game for you.

The goal of the game is to move and rotate the blocks so that they drop in a desirable pattern on the bottom of the pit. If a certain level of the pit is all filled with blocks, it disappears and the level on top of it drop down. If the blocks pile up to the top of the pit, the game ends. The objective is to gain the greatest amount of points. while at the same time dealing with the increasing falling speed of the blocks.

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