Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

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Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

Alawar Christmas Fun Pack
PC | Casual Setup | 225Mb

A Christmas Themed game pack of 5 Alawar Games in one bundle to enjoy

Carl the Caveman Christmas Adventures:
Carl the Caveman wants to enjoy Christmas, but when he wakes up eager to open presents, madcap mushrooms are on a rampage and treasure chests are scattered across the prehistoric world he calls home. So he picks up his trusty hammer and sets out on an all-new holiday adventure. As in his first game, Carl must push rocks, smash boulders and avoid traps in order to reach the exit in 60 all-new levels.
Dragons, Goblins and crazed Mushrooms will try to spoil Carl's Christmas celebration, but he can dispose of them by pushing boulders onto their heads. He'll also need to collect keys that open locked doors and use magical springs and teleporters to reach higher ground. It's a challenge, but at least Carl will be able to appreciate the beautiful 3D winter wonderland through which he'll travel. Santa has elves and reindeer to assist him during Christmas. Will you help Carl the Caveman?
•Christmas visuals bursting with color
•Toe-tapping holiday music
•Two campaigns: Snow Challenge and Winter Trap!
•60 all-new levels to solve
Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

Candy canes, presents and ornaments aren't the only things you'll have to find in
Christmasville, the new hidden object game with a holiday twist – Santa Claus has
gone missing, too! And if you can't find him in time, Christmas will be cancelled.
Bring joy to children everywhere by finding St. Nick in time for him to deliver
gifts around the world. Your investigation starts in the land of Kris Kringle himself,
Christmasville, where you'll be joined by the Abominable Snowman, one of Santa's
reindeer and an elf as you scour numerous locations for secret items, play challenging
new mini-games and learn the truth behind this eye-popping Yuletide caper. More fun
than a bowl full of jelly, Christmasville is bubbling over with holiday spirit!
Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

Foxy Jumper 2 Winter Adventures:
It's Foxy Winter in Foxy World - a perfect time to get ready for the winter holidays,
dress up beautiful Christmas tree and get a few gifts for friends. But, as usual,
there are some mean monsters that don't like holidays and will do whatever it takes
to ruin fun for everybody else.
Don't let these fiends destroy the holiday season by helping Foxy and his girlfriend
pick up all gifts on each level. And don't forget the star that will go atop the
Christmas tree.
•2 players mode: you can play together with your friend.
•a lot of monsters that will try to harm you.
•a lot of items that will help you in many original ways: will freeze the whole level,
will kill all the monsters, will give you a shield that makes you invulnerable, and
many more.
•a lot of graphic effects with lots of environment animations: there will be clouds
and snow, and wind will blow the clouds away.
Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

Holly - A Christmas Tale:
Prepare for a journey of wonder in Holly: A Christmas Tale! Bright, colorful and bursting
with holiday magic, A Christmas Tale tells the story of Holly, a young woman who nods off
on Christmas Eve and dreams about helping Santa Claus deliver toys to children around the
world. But is she really asleep? And what about the magic wand she's using? Does it hint
at a greater destiny for Holly
You'll discover the answers as you play this season's best hidden object game! A Christmas
Tale will put you in the holiday spirit as you scour over 25 beautifully drawn Yuletide
scenes looking for the objects Santa needs. And you won't get bored, either, as there's
more twists to the gameplay than spirals on a candy cane. Can you pick out just the toys
on a shelf crammed with merchandise? Or spot the differences between two seemingly identical
pictures? Download this new holiday classic today!
•More than 25 levels to beat
•More than 1,000 objects to find
•Different ways to find hidden objects
•The entire holiday-themed story
Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

Santa's Super Friends:
When Mr. Stink steals all of your company's toys right before Christmas, it becomes your job
to make more! As holiday shoppers order dolls, teddy bears and other playthings, you must
grab the right parts off a conveyor belt and put the toys together before your customers get
impatient and leave. If the going gets too tough as you make your way from Candy Cane Cove to
Santa's Workshop, Edmund the Elf and Gingerbread Jr. are on hand to help. With 60 levels to
beat and three skill levels from which to choose, Santa's Super Friends will hook you like a
Christmas ornament!
•60 levels to beat
•Quest and Survival game modes
Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

Operating system: Windows 95 or later
Processor speed: 800 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard drive space: 150 MB
Graphics card: Any
Sound card: Any
DirectX version: 9.0

Alawar Christmas Fun Pack

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