Alice Greenfingers 1.2

Posted By: klol101
Alice Greenfingers 1.2

Alice Greenfingers - GameHouse
Win Game | 5.4mb | RS.COM

Grow your very own garden of fun in this original simulation that puts you in charge. Starting with an open grass field, help Alice plant and grow a variety of flowers, animals, and vegetables. Follow the trends at the town market, sell your ripe crops to eager customers, and watch your business blossom in day after day of farming fun. How your garden looks, the crops you grow, even the prices you charge are entirely up to you! Featuring an in-game tutorial, helpful upgrades, and endless possibilities, Alice Greenfingers is the ultimate simulation for the green-thumb gamer!

Unlimited Play
Design and Create Your Own Garden
Wide Variety of Crops
Helpful Upgrades
In-Game Tutorial

System Requirements:
- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- 300MHz or faster Processor
- 64MB RAM
- DirectX 3.0 or better