Little Shop Big City

Posted By: lotusje1

Little Shop Big City | 38 Mb

You've already successfully opened two shops in the little town of Huntington, now it is time to make it big in the city… Little Shop - Big City is the game where you not only find hidden items, you renovate a run down theater and open up a movie memorabilia shop! There is also the opportunity to receive Trophies as you achieve various goals throughout your Big City adventure.

You gain experience by finding items requested by store customers. And yes, this is a challenge - items are very cleverly hidden within a very vibrant shop background!! Hints are available if you get stuck and can't find an item, and additional hints can be found within each shop to build up your hint arsenal.
Game features:
• Multiple game modes.
• Bonus rounds and Blitz mode
• 12 unique shops
• 23 trophies to earn
• Humorous side quests

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista
• DirectX 9
• 800 MHz
• 128 MB RAM