Restaurant Empire

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Restaurant Empire

Restaurant Empire | 275Mb

Starting with nothing except some cash and a passion for food, build a restaurant from the bottom up - hire waiters, decorate, even cook the meals! Buy, build, outsell, and underprice your competition. Featuring three culinary capitals to operate in, five restaurant cuisines to choose from, over 30 unique chefs to interact with, and nearly 200 recipes to source, your business sense and culinary taste will be tested to the limit. Not only do you control every aspect of running a restaurant from buying your restaurant to choosing its cuisine and decoration; you will also travel and meet with people that will help you establish your name as the greatest restauranteur the world has ever seen!

Experience a thrilling adventure in the culinary world with a story-based campaign featuring 18 compelling scenarios
Use real-world business strategies to gain the upper hand against your competition, who play by the same rules you do
Endless gameplay possibilities with over 300 recipes and ingredients, nearly 200 restaurant decoration items, 30 playable chefs, five restaurant themes, and three large cities to explore
3 painstakingly simulated world-famous culinary capitals, including Paris, Rome, and L.A.
37 unique chefs to hire and interact with, including popular celebrity chefs
Acquire secret recipes from master chefs
Set up restaurants with themes such as music and seafood with close to 200 decoration items at your disposal

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