Tons of addictive game playing hours... in 117 KB

Posted By: tallist
If you like little and addictive games these are for you:

dozen and dozen more at Reflexive Arcade Home (www reflexive com)

Every game ships with 60 minutes free... not enough, hmm?

1) Download reflexive.rar from rapidshare
2) Go to reflexive web site and choose your game (maybe more than one?)
3) Install your game and launch it
4) Choose "Already Paid" (or "More registration options", and "Already Paid")
5) Write down the "Product ID" (or, better, select it and CTRL+C)
6) Unrar reflexive.rar, launch reflexive.exe and put/paste the "Product ID" (CTRL+V)
7) Click on "generate" and you'll have the "Registration Code". Copy it (CTRL+C)
8) Paste it (CTRL+V) on registration dialog (point 5)
9) Click "Submit"
10) Enjoy

file size: 117 KB (!)
password for reflexive.rar: avax

download reflexive.rar