Posted By: JayDee

Жанр/Genre - Arcanoid
Разработчик/ Game Developers - Cool-Arcade-Games
Издатель/ Game Publisher - Cool-Arcade-Games
Системные Требования/System Requirements:
Pentium II, 500 MHz, 64 Mb RAM
16 Mb 3D video card
Размер игры - 10 MB

Описание/Game Description:

Да года проходят, а арканойд все живет. И я уверен он будет жить еще долгое время. Может даже и вечно. Вот и на этот раз, нам предлагают арканойда. Очень красивого, очень увлекательно. Но короче что еще можно сказать. Арканойд – есть арканойд. Вот так!

''Arcalands'' isn't only game but a thrilling adventure where you will be able to display your deftness and quick wits there you won't have any time to be bored. Every new step is a new country and new adventure. Extraordinary objects, a great number of bonus and surprises-- are everywhere. At the beginning of the game your attention will be riveted on the revolutionary graphics, studio quality sound effects and a charming voice off screen. You will be absorbed in this playing process. You will admire a beautiful picture consisting of different figures against a wonderful background. All this is for you. You needn't strain your eyes. Admire,think and play! Destroy everything, all constructions in spite of their beauty and you will be the winner. You will have a ''chance'' to take part in "real military operations". Shots are ringing out, bombs are exploding, bricks are breaking into small pieces, prizes, a lot of prizes are dropping. Try to catch prizes keeping the ball. Here you can show the real quick wits but be careful. ''Arcalands'' includes a lot of traps. Don't be slack! One can speak a lot about this game. But the words can't describe the real emotions of the playing process. Try ''Arcalands''! Something new, unknown is waiting for you! Try and 100% of pleasure is yours!!!

Скриншоты/Game Screenshots:

Коды/Cheat Codes:

LEVEL (during game process) - next level.
PLASMA (during game process) - plasma guns.
CANNON (during game process) - cannon.


P.S. Дорогие геймеры и просто любители игр, не забывайте давать оценку теме ведь тем самым вы поможете многим другим при выборе игр. Заранее спасибо и до новых встреч.