Atlantis Redux V1.4 for PPC

Posted By: car001
Atlantis Redux V1.4 for PPC

Atlantis Redux V1.4 for PPC | OS: WM 2003 / 5 | 143 MB (96 + 47 MB)
Requirements: 160 MB storage space - Must be copied to Storage card manually

2020. Hoggar desert.

A young archeologist searches for the existence of a metropolis built, according to myth and legend, by the ancient Egyptians….
From the palaces of the Thousand and One Nights to the Sahara Desert, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to the icy plains of the Paleolithic, immerse yourself in the beauty and the mystery of ATLANTIS.

During this adventure, the young archeologist will find a precious help in a Targui, a lonely touareg who has decided to stay away from modern life. Refusing to leave the nice young girl alone in the desert, he decides to go with her …

Along with these characters, plunge into the most mysterious, intriguing and dangerous of adventures - the quest for Atlantis.

>> A travel in time and geography, which will take gamers from the Hoggar desert to the icy plains of Paleolithique, through ancient Egypt and the wonderful palaces of the Thousands and One Nights.
>> An impressive realization : high quality graphics and environment. Including more than half an hour of video for the Pocket PC version.
>> 360 degrees visible environment, with numerous puzzle games with increasing difficulties procuring a total immersion in an exciting game.
>> Dialogues with many characters and rich sound environment

Copy complete folder to storage card and run from PDA.
Keygen as to be executed in the PC - To generate the correct code name as to be equal to the name of the owner in the PDA.