Bass Masters Classic Tournament Edition

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Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition

The Bass Masters Classic is a goal of most bass anglers, from amateur to professional. Interplay's PC version offers fantastic underwater views from four different U.S. lakes and an additional practice lake. With over 3,000 lure combinations to choose from and multiplayer capabilities, you can truly experience competitive sport fishing.

Gameplay modes include practice, arcade, and amateur and professional tours, with the latter two differentiated mainly by length. Amateur tournaments are one-day affairs, while professional tours are basically several amateur tournaments strung together over a three-day period, with a goal to make the top ten in points to be eligible for the BASS Masters Classic. Tournaments run for eight hours (game time) and require you to load out your boat, find productive fishing spots, and return to dock before the deadline.

Four major lakes are re-created in 3D for the BASS Masters Classic: Tournament Edition: Lake Minnetonka, Lake Fork, Lake Mead, and Lake Logan. You're allowed seven rods per outing, and must determine line strengths, bait, and rigging. Arcade mode offers the highest level of possible success, while practice mode gives you the opportunity to scout out the lakes and test various combinations of rods, reels, bait, weather conditions, locations, lines, and skills.

Professional tips are provided via short video segments featuring renowned "bass masters" Roland Martin, Paul Elias, Shaw Grigsby, and Ken Cook in the form of tutorials. Viewpoints include both third person in-boat perspectives as well as underwater angles. ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide

Game Information
Platform: Windows 98 / 95
ESRB Rating: Everyone

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