Decisive Battles of World War 2: Battles in Italy

Posted By: JayDee

Жанр/Genre - Wargame, RTS
Разработчик/ Game Developers - Strategic Studies Group (SSG)
Издатель/ Game Publisher -Matrix Games
Системные Требования/System Requirements: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP, Pentium II 600 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, DirectX 8.1, 8 MB Video Card 16bit color, Sound Card (DirectX 8 comp.), 8x CD-ROM, 600 MB free Hard Disk space.
Размер игры - 100 MB

Описание/Game Description:

Вышла новая игра от знаменитой компании SSG. В этой игре вам предстоит руководить тремя важнейшими операциями в районе Средиземного моря: в захвате Сицилии и высадках в Салерно и Анцио. Все основано на реальных событиях и очень качественно сделано. Игра заставит ваши мозги просто вскипеть. Эта игра очень увлекательна и крайне интересна. Так что любители очень качественных варгеймов, стратегий не пропустите.

Battles in Italy covers three pivotal battles from the Italian Campaign. The invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky, the landings at Salerno, codenamed Operation Avalanche and the landings at Anzio, codenamed Operation Shingle. While the invasion of Sicily went more or less to plan, the result in the two subsequent amphibious operations was less certain, with the safety of the beachheads at both Salerno and Anzio in considerable doubt for some time. Neither side has sufficient resources to do the job properly, and improvisation and desperation are the order of the day, and as a result all three battles are tense and exciting affairs.
In Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily, the Axis player must plan carefully in order to extract the best possible performance from some less than committed Italian troops, while the Allied player must somehow find a way around or through the many natural defensive obstacles in their way.
In Operation Avalanche, the invasion of the Italian mainland, the Germans can exert severe pressure on the Salerno beachhead, but must defend against Allied forces coming to the relief of the amphibious forces. The Allies must hold fast to their bridgeheads and their vulnerable supply sources, while speeding other formations to the rescue.
Operation Shingle, the Anzio landing, was a bold Allied move to break the stalemate caused by the strength of German defensive lines. The Germans have a real chance to crush the Anzio bridgehead, especially if they transfer troops from their main defensive line. However, if the Allies can break through the weakened lines while avoiding disaster at Anzio then a truly decisive victory is possible.

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