BobbleNET - Puzzle Bobble Online

Posted By: Slader
BobbleNET - Puzzle Bobble Online

BobbleNET Online Puzzle Bobble | 1,5 Mb

What is BobbleNET?
BobbleNET is the multi-player (6 players) adaptation of Taito's Puzzle Bobble. The game is real simple to learn but highly addictive, especially when you play with your friends. The basic idea is to connect 3 or more balls of the same color to form a chain. Any balls touching a ball on the chain without a direct path to the top of the field is also considered part of the chain. All of these balls will fall off your field and if playing against other players, be sent over to clutter their fields. When the balls in your field cross the lower field bar, then you lose. Be careful about the red shot gauge above the bottom edge of your field. If you do not shoot by the time it reaches the right, then the game will shoot automatically for you. Also, after shooting 10 balls (configurable) your field will grow a row.

What do the server settings mean?
These settings affect gameplay and update immediately when the host makes changes to them.
* Ball Before Field Drop : A player must fire this many balls before their field drops and a new row of balls are added to the top.
* Minimum Ball Required for Attack : When a player forms a chain and X balls fall off his field. Then X - this parameter balls will be sent over to clutter other player fields. Increase this setting when you have many players.
* Collision Detection Sensitivity : This setting is for telling the game how close do two balls need to be before they are considered touching. Increase the number if you want the game to be more exact (~28). Decrease this number to be able to squeeze balls through impossible cracks. You can come up with some pretty creative shots (~10).
* Time Limit : If after this many seconds have passed and you still have not shot, the game will automatically shot for you.
* Game Speed : Overall game speed. Decreasing this number makes it faster.
* Allow Guide Pointers : It's cheap to have this, but it allows you to see exactly where your shot will go. Use 'G' to toggle the Guide Pointer if it's enabled here. If the server has disabled the guide pointer, then all client will also have it disabled.