Bubu Kong in Love Triangle ver. 1.15

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Bubu Kong in Love Triangle ver. 1.15

Bubu Kong in Love Triangle ver. 1.15 | Win32 | Size: 43,95 Mb

What will you do when the girl you love leaves you for an ape? Help Super Nanat get his love back in this brand new classic arcade!! Some times, Bubu Kong with his dangerous barrels will try to stop you at any cost, but most of the time he falls asleep ^_^. Sounds easy? Wait till you see evil flame who walk slowly trying to burn you or nasty crows who likes to take a bite of you! Not to mention dangerous landscape to overcome. Now that begins to sound difficult. Fortunately, your lover leaves you a lot of upgrade items on the way to help you out in your love quest!

50 levels on 5 different stages!
Enjoy 'Bonus Stage' for a different gameplay!
More obstacles like moving platforms, trigger buttons, and lifts!


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