The challenging PopCap puzzle game of animal abduction!

Posted By: Xan
Mars Needs Cows is the wacky new puzzle game from the famous online masters, PopCap Games!

And not just any old boring martian animals... we need EARTH animals! And lots of them! Why ? Well, its

obvious! Err....[...TRANSMISSION ENDS]

Stretch your brain muscle in a series of increasingly challenging puzzles, as you maneuver stupid earth

animals into the middle of a field so that you can beam them to your ship!

* Cute Animated Graphics for Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, Wolves, Foxes, and more!
* Colour or Greyscale versions available
* Two THOUSAND unique puzzles ranging from easy-to-learn, to brain-bustingly hard.
* Built-in Tutorial
* Easy to learn with three difficulty settings
* High score charts for each difficulty
* Earn Ranks as you complete further missions
* Built-in ability to show the solutions for levels you can't do!

1.32 Mb PPC Game