Crossword Forge 5.1.11 - Win and Mac

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Crossword Forge 5.1.11  - Win and Mac

Crossword Forge 5.1.11 Win and Mac | 11Mb

Crossword Forge can now turn your puzzles into interactive web pages. We call this Crossword Forge Live. The puzzles are intuitive to use and include eye-catching animations that players will be sure to love. Crossword Forge Live puzzles include the customization options you've come to expect from our puzzles (e.g. picture backdrops). You can also add automatic hints. Whether you are making puzzles for print or the web, Crossword Forge is always the best choice.
Other Features

* Bonus Clues for Crossword and Word Search
* Multiple puzzle titles
* Font, Style, Size and Justification controls
* Unlimited clue and answer length
* Color and Picture backdrops
* Customizable Across and Down text
* Supports puzzle grids of any size
* Puzzle clues can span multiple pages
* Customizable grid block size
* Alphabet palette, to make it much easier to insert foreign characters
* Allows for manual puzzle repositioning within backdrop
* Multiple open puzzles at once.
* Unlimited Undo and Redo.
* Crossword Options
o Toggle Clue and Word Bank Visibility (supports fill-ins)
o Word Bank Scramble
* Word Search Options
o Show Clues or Word Bank
o Word Bank Scramble
o Toggle Backwards and Diagonal Words
* And much, much more..