Symbian: Crystaix Jewel Rumble :: Gameloft Midnight Pool :: iGo Studio N-puzzle :: Infinite Dreams S

Posted By: Black-Raven

Crystaix Jewel Rumble v1.00

Crystaix Jewelrumble is an incredibly addictive and fun action-puzzle game, where you match jewels creating massive combos and advance levels.

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Gameloft Midnight Pool v1.00

Midnight Pool™ brings you into the competitive universe of a genuine American pool hall. You will face 8 original players, none of whom are ever at a loss for words! Choose from 3 available characters, then unlock the others in Tournament mode, where you can play with the rule set of your preference: US 8-ball, UK 8-ball or 9-ball. As you continue on your winning streak, you can unlock new table baizes and cue colours for a completely customised gaming experience

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iGo Studio N-puzzle v1.00

The classic puzzle game that let you fun everywhere.

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Infinite Dreams SuperMiners v1.01

SuperMiners is addictive arcade puzzle game. With 100 Levels, multiplayer, online highscore sytem, incredible music and sound you can have countless hours of fun.!! NEW game from creators of SkyForce and ExplodeArena.