Dream Pinball 3D

Dream Pinball 3D

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Dream Pinball 3D (PC) | 171 Mb. | Ftp2Share.
Multi5 : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

The pinball machine is the indispensable requisite of all arcade shebangs. Dream Pinball 3D is bringing you nothing less than the experience of practicing the ball juggling virtually yet in a more real way than ever. Even bringing you more than you could expect in real life.

More Info, Read Original NFO ;)

For Install:
1) Launch the setup.bat
2) Play And Enjoy ;)

http://www.ftp2share.com/file/5480/Dream Pinball 3D Part1.html
http://www.ftp2share.com/file/5482/Dream Pinball 3D Part2.html

Password: forall