Emergency 4

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Emergency 4

Emergency 4
PC Game | 1.2 GB

20 extensive missions with various solutions for the player to choose freely. These are dynamically embedded into a looped gamescape set in a “real-life” town, which serves as the permanent base for the player’s operational units.
Spectacular overseas operations in the Antarctic and the Middle East.
Improved intuitive player interface: simplified controls, newly developed micromanagement system, extended user interface and Ingame Help, as well as an extensive tutorial.
The new multiplay co-operation mode allows several players to manage an enormous and totally new operational area.
Greatly extended continuous game and challenge mode in completely new surroundings.
New operational units ranging from SEK scouts to recovery helicopters from technical ancillary services, to TransAid, the large-capacity aircraft for overseas operations.
Dynamic, realistic and unscripted fire breakouts.
Realistic physical conditions, for instance: collapsing buildings and bridges, and people hit by blast waves. Each object in the gamescape also possesses different realistic properties such as weight and material.
Greatly improved 3D-graphics with complex effects, for instance: water reflections, glow effects when light reflects from objects, flickering flames, as well as changes in time and weather.
Scenario Editor: Create your own Mods and Missions