Flower Vale (1.0)

Flower Vale (1.0) | 10mb

Flowery Vale is a match-three garden fantasy so captivating, you might never leave your computer again.


As you play, you'll encounter ten unique challenges. On some
levels, for example, you have to fill baskets with certain blossoms
before time runs out; on others, you must produce a set number of
combos to win. There's never a dull moment as you create botanical
delights to charm your beloved.



For a more relaxing experience, you can turn off the clock. In
addition, the Horn of Plenty and other bonuses are on hand to
help you get the job done. Featuring bonus rounds, gorgeous visuals
and soothing music, Flowery Vale is the perfect game to play after
a hard day.

95 levels
Two game modes
10 different tasks for the levels
10 different bonuses to use
Progressive storyline

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