Football Manager™ 2007

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Football Manager™ 2007

“Football Manager™ 2007 is undoubtedly the best version of Football Manager™ we’ve ever made. By working extremely hard on making it both as user-friendly as possible and adding a plethora of new features to please the long term fans we’ve produced a game that’s suitable for everyone,” said Miles Jacobson, Managing Director, Sports Interactive. “The team at Sports Interactive are thrilled with the game’s reception and with the pace it’s sold over the first weekend and we’re delighted to have the massive support from the Marketing, PR and Sales teams at SEGA.

The game, not surprisingly titled Football Manager 2007, will be packed with
more than 100 new features, many of which have been introduced due to
popular demand from fans. Some of the features have yet to be announced, but
the ones that have look like moving yet another step closer to the goal of
making the game a real football management experience.

A new feeder club feature looks set to add further realism to dealing in the
transfer market. And if last years overhaul on the Training module is
anything to go by, the revamp of the Scouting and Youth Team features are
going to be another festive treat from the guys at Sport's Interactive.

Install Notes
1. Unpack
2. Mount or burn
3. Install
4. Copy crack from /Razor1911 dir to your install path
5. Play & enjoy!

P.S. This game is also known as Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007

Size: 580Mb
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