Games for Windows Mobile - WOWII Elite - The West Line

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Games for Windows Mobile - WOWII Elite - The West Line

WOWII Elite - The West Line
Windows Mobile 2003 SE | 2,7 Mb

3D FPS на тему 2-ой Мировой Войны

The West Line has adopted the most powerful engine of mobile terminal– NITROUS 3D MOBILE GAME engine. Players will act as American,English or Soviet soldiers to serve the four famous campaigns on the western front during the 2nd world war.

The West Line has assembled all popular elements of FPS games. Movement and picture styles are like MOH, fire and bombing effects are like RTCW, scenes are like BF1942, overall with a feeling similar to American Army.

And players can drive tanks through the Sahara. The operation is quite easy, just like when you play Battlefield 1942. You play as an artilleryman using direction key and the machine gun will automatically destroy your enemy in front of you.

The sound effect is vivid. When you walk through a quiet area, the sound effect makes you feel like the enemies are around you.

You will be equipped with different weapons when you choose different countries. For example, American soldier's standard weapon is M1 Garand rifle, and players can get Thompson submachine gun and Springfield rifle, while English soldier can only equip Enfield rifle and Sten submachine gun.

Like familiar FPS games (eg. Day of Defeat or Call of Duty), all these weapons have their unique features. Commonly, the heavy weapons will sacrifice their veracity and dexterity for more powerful hits.

If you want to enjoy FPS game on your mobile, the West Line will be your best choice!

*Showing the complete raid vividly by interlude animations.

*The most powerful Real 3D engine on mobile phones with all kinds of special effects of illumination partical system and shadow.

*Incisive ambience of battle field with the fierce sound effect of gunshot, bomb, tank and distressful cry of wounded people by 10 channels mix stereo system.

*Driving M4A3 ShermanTiger to sweep over the battle field.

*Real weapon settings, for example

*Simplified operational instruction presenting the balance between the real world and the game world.